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Salt electrolyzer with integrated Redox control and dosage (ORP)

Salt electrolysis water treatment


This water treatment instrument ensures the production of disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) by salt electrolysis, with a minimum salinity of 3.5 g/l.

This practical and reliable new-generation device,mounted on a panel, integrates all the safety and comfort functions necessary to ensure serene bathing. The backlit liquid crystal display screen allows the display of the various functions and access, thanks to 4 keys, to settings via a drop-down menu.

It features automatic polarity reversal, which can be modulated or blocked very easily, according to the degree of water hardness. Volume-dependent control of production is achieved by a wide selection of times that includes, at the customer's option, automatic modulation of production according to changes in water temperature. Safety, at the level of production start-up, is by mechanical flow control.

The instrument is equipped with a salinity and water temperature measuring probe. It also has an automatic production shutdown in case of salinity below 3.5 g/l and/or water temperature below 14°C.

It is also equipped with a contact to regulate the production of disinfectant in case of automatic closure of the cover and thus avoid the excessive chlorination.

The SHOCK function, automatic forced operation of filtration, allows timely overproduction.

The electrolysis generator, has UNION diameter 50 (SEL60) or 63 (SEL90-200) fittings allowing easy installation (2 generators in parallel for 160 and 200 versions).

Chlorine regulation, with analysis and display integrates an overdose safety.

It is available in five versions for basins up to 200 m³.

It benefits from a 2-year warranty or 7500 hours of operation, excluding probes, valid only with installation and initial commissioning carried out by a licensed professional.

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Technical characteristics

Panel height 260mm
Panel width 310mm
Panel depth 140mm
Maximum generator diameter Ø90
Generator inlet/outlet diameter union Ø50 o Ø60
Display Liquid crystal backlit
Power supply voltage 230V
Power supply frequency 50Hz
Max consumption 300W
Maximum current 6A
Maximum voltage 30VC
Salt density Higher than 3.5 g/l
Sodium hypochlorite production ± 15, 20, 25, 35 et 50 g/h
Electrical protection Circuit breaker 8A
Polarity reversal Automatic
Weight 7000g
Frame IP65