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Automatic proportional pH and chlorine adjustment system

Dosing pumps water treatment


Simple and effective proportional control for swimming pools.

The DB.PRO 55 dosing system with backlit LCD display comprises two dosing pumps, a pH-meter and Redox-meter as well as a circulation chamber with panel-mounted pre-filter. This compact and easy-to-install system offers an ideal solution for dosing pH and chlorine in pools of all types. The system integrates two state-of-the-art independent electromagnetic dosing pumps in injected PVDF with Teflon double ball valve. Inside an IP65 enclosure, which guarantees a perfect seal, are the latest generation electronics, protected by a polycarbonate control panel.

A backlit liquid crystal display for easy readability, allows the pH and Redox (ORP) values to be displayed continuously, as well as any alarm messages generated by the level probes or the 'stand-by' control.

DB.PRO 55 is supplied complete, panel-mounted (40 x 60 cm), pre-wired with pH and Redox (ORP) probes, circulation chamber with pre-filter, and end-of-tank detectors. Also supplied in the kit are pH 4.01, pH 7.01 and Redox 650 mV buffer solutions, tubing and accessories.

We remind you that all material is covered by a 2-year warranty, except for the probes, valid only with installation and first start-up carried out by an authorised professional.

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Technical characteristics

Panel height 520mm
Panel width 460mm
Panel depth 180mm
Power supply voltage 230V
Power supply frequency 50Hz
Max consumption 25W
Circuit protection Delayed fuses
Connections BNC 10 Ohm : pH, Redox, level and water circulation probe
Minimum operating temperature 0°C
Maximum operating temperature 50°C
Minimum measuring range 0pH
Maximum measuring range 14pH
Minimum measuring range 0mV
Maximum measuring range 1000mV
Accuracy 0,01pH
Accuracy ± 1mV
Pumps Electromagnetic
Pump flow rate 5l/h
Pump counter pressure 5bar
Weight 6500g
Frame IP 65


The system facilitates settings for commissioning and calibrating the device, providing all the necessary information to the user.

pH and redox set-points and pump flow rate can be adjusted via the control panel.
No instruments are required. In addition, a password defined by the installer can prevent access to data programmed as required.

Proportional dosing is defined by the correlation between the required value and the basin value.

The closer you get to the set point, the more the pump pulse frequency decreases and vice versa.

During filter cleaning or when the pump is stopped, dosing is interrupted via the external 'stand-by' control.