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Automatic level management for compensation tanks with pressure probe equipped with ceramic sensor

Automatic water level management


MODUL'BAC enables complete management of level changes in the compensation tank for an overflow pool.

Accuracy and reliability are the main features. A single level probe for all measurements ensures easy and intuitive installation. Suitable for compensation tanks, but also for any type of water tank or basin.

MODUL'BAC is sold and shipped with a kit consisting of:

  • Electrical panel with backlit display;
  • Level probe equipped with ceramic sensor with 3mt long cable (with possibility of extension without distance limit);
  • Junction box;
  • Extension cable for connecting the panelboard to the junction box;
  • Wall mounting kit and spare fuse kit.

We remind you that all material is covered by a 2-year warranty, except for the probes, valid only with installation and first commissioning carried out by an authorized professional.

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Technical characteristics

Height 210mm
Width 210mm
Depth 100mm
Power supply voltage 230V
Power supply frequency 50Hz
Max consumption 10W
Frame IP 65
Circuit protection Delayed fuses
Solenoid valve Not provided


The water level is monitored by pressure measurement using a high-sensitivity ceramic sensor that guarantees not only high reliability but also accuracy from measurement to the centimeter.

The pressure measurement is permanently displayed on the device's screen.

MODUL'BAC is equipped with 6 different reference points ranging from 0cm to 199cm, allowing control, with open or closed contact, of the various elements of water level management:

The filling function has a delay between 1 and 6 hours, with safety interruption of the solenoid valve if the filling time is reached.

Forced start, in case of high level in the tank or compensation tank, can be turned off and has a programmable timer between 1 and 6 hours.

A set of indicator lights on the front of the device allows the correct operation of each function to be displayed.