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Automated pH and chlorine regulation system

Dosing pumps water treatment


This compact, panel-mounted, easy-to-install system offers an ideal solution for automated pH and chlorine regulation and dosing in swimming pools.

The pH -meter and Redox-meter are integrated in an ABS IP65 panel, ensuring a perfect seal. The display is a digital liquid crystal type with backlighting for easy reading. The electronics incorporate a function that prevents overdosing, both pH and chlorine, and an anomaly detection of the pH and Redox probes. In addition, an installer-defined password can prevent access to data programmed according to customer requirements.

Each pump operates independently and can be turned off at any time, regardless of the operation of the other. The two peristaltic pumps, 2 l/h for pH and 3 l/h for chlorine, are state-of-the-art with stainless steel shaft, double bearing and watertight.

They are totally independent of the electronics ensuring the longevity of the system even in case of leakage in the dosing chambers.

DB.DIGIT is particularly suitable for indoor or covered tanks, avoiding overdosing and maintaining constant pH and ideal sterilization rate.

DB.DIGIT is sold and shipped with a kit consisting of:

  • Electronic panel;
  • Peristaltic pumps 2 l/h and 3 l/h;
  • Redox probe with 5-meter cable
  • pH probe with 5-meter cable;
  • 2 probe holders, bottom filter and injection tube;
  • 9 meters of suction/discharge hose;
  • pH 4.0, pH 7.0 and Redox 650mV "buffer" solutions;
  • Wall mounting kit and spare fuse kit;
  • Instruction manual.

Please note that all equipment is covered by a 2-year warranty, excluding probes, valid only with installation and commissioning carried out by a licensed professional.

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Technical characteristics

Panel height 250mm
Panel width 490mm
Panel depth 110mm
Display Liquid crystal backlit
Power supply voltage 230V
Power supply frequency 50Hz
Circuit protection Delayed fuses
Connections 10 Ohm for Redox probes
Minimum operating temperature 0°C
Maximum operating temperature 50
Minimum measuring range 0pH
Maximum measuring range 14pH
Minimum measuring range 0mV
Maximum measuring range 1000mV
Accuracy 0,01pH
Accuracy ± 1mV
Pump flow rate (pH)
Pump flow rate (redox)
Pump counter pressure 1bar
Weight 5000g
Frame IP 65